Big-Bag Handling

Big-Bags, also called FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container), are widely used for solids applications. We offer a wide range of solutions for handling big bags.

Big-Bag / Bulk-Bag Compactor

Empty big bags are effectively and efficiently dusttight compacted. Via an optional (internal of external) Filter, a complete dusttight system is guaranteed.

Big-bag emptying

The emptying of the big-bags can be done totally dustfree due to a special clamping device. A separate filter is not required.

Optional extra’s

  • Bag Pushers to active product which are extremely compacted.
  • Cutting knive for Big-Bags without a spout without operator intervention.
  • Frame suitable for crane with gantry.
  • Frame suitable for forklift truck.
  • FDA, EC1935/2004 ceriticate
  • 3.1B material certificates.
  • Weighing system (loss-in-weight)

Big-bag filling

The BBV is designed for (dustfree) filling of big-bags, filled with granular or pulverized products.

The spout is connected manually on the filling head. By means of a special clamping device the spout is connected completely dust-free. A control system takes care for all required steps e.g. coarse and fine dosing.

Optional extra’s:

  • Nett or gross weighing system
  • Weighing system, suitable for legal calibration
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Product compacting system
  • Rolling conveyors
  • Big-Bag inflation system
  • Automatic Big-Bag loop release
  • Dosing system
  • Empty pallet destacker
  • Dedusting system`
  • Sampling system
  • Metal detector

Big-Bag Squeezz

The Big-Bag Squeezz has been developed especially for the unloading of hardened big-bags.
The big-bag is placed in the system by means of a forklift truck or electric pallet truck. After the door is closed and the system is safely reset, the system can start. The big bag is massaged by a system equipped with hydraulic cylinders, without damaging the big-bag and also without coming into contact with the product. An integrated lifting system in combination with an automatic turntable ensures that the big-bag can be pressed from all sides. The PLC program runs through all actions independently. The system is suitable for installation in an ATEX zone 22 execution.

Poeth Big-Bag / Bulk-Bag Compactor Type: WBC

Poeth Big-bag emptying Type: BBL


Poeth Big-bag / Bulk-Bag filling Type: BBV

Big-Bag Filling type Basic Big-Bag rails, compacting of free flowing products Mobile Big-Bag Filling line (moving underneath silos)

Poeth Big-Bag Squeezz

ATEX zone 22