Filters - Pneumatic conveying

The “Clean-Air” filter program is very extensive and complete. It is entirely designed by Poeth and built in our own factory. Our filter program goes from very small spot filters of 1,4m2 to modular filter systems up to 960m2. In some situations these can be expanded.

Besides the separate filters Poeth also delivers pneumatic transport systems, both lean and dense phase systems.

Cyclone tube-filter

The cyclone-tube filter unit is designed for central suction of machines and installations with produce dusty materials. Especially for fat and/or moisturized, difficult products. The cyclone-tube filters are available in many sizes.

Filters - Pneumatisch transport​ Filters - Pneumatic Conveying

Recipient bag-filter / receiver

The recipient filter is specially designed for intake of products with suction systems. The recipient filters are available in many sizes.


This spot filter is designed for direct suction by conveyors with dusty materials. The spot filters are suitable for many applications.

Cased-unit filter

This cased-unit filter is designed for central suction of machines and installations with dusty materials processing or transport. The cased-unit filters are extremely suitable for large applications.

Compact-unit filter

The compact filter unit is designed for central suction of machines and installations with dusty materials processing or transport. The compact unit filters are available for many applications.

Insertable filter

This insertable filter is designed for direct or indirect suction of machines and installations with dusty materials processing or transport. The insertable filters are suitable for many applications.

Pneumatic conveying

Pneumatic conveying is the process of using air to move bulk materials from one point to another.
We have the option of transporting via lean phase or dense phase

Poeth Cyclone tube-filter

Type: PCS PCS07/15 PCS07/20 PCS07/25 PCS07/30 PCS07/35 PCS12/15 PCS12/20 PCS12/25 PCS12/30 PCS12/35 PCS18/15 PCS18/20 PCS18/25 PCS18/30 PCS18/35 PCS28/15 PCS28/20 PCS28/25 PCS28/30 PCS28/35 PCS39/15 PCS39/20 PCS39/25 PCS39/30 PCS39/35 PCS52/15 PCS52/20 PCS52/25 PCS52/30 PCS52/35 PCS74/15 PCS74/20 PCS74/25 PCS74/30 PCS74/35 PCS90/15 PCS90/20 PCS90/25 PCS90/30 PCS90/35 PCS112/15 PCS112/20 PCS112/25 PCS112/30 PCS112/35 PCS148/15 PCS148/20 PCS148/25 PCS148/30 PCS148/35 PCS166/15 PCS166/20 PCS166/25 PCS166/30 PCS166/35 PCS208/15 PCS208/20 PCS208/25 PCS208/30 PCS208/35

Basic tube filter Type: POS

POS 07/15 POS 07/20 POS 07/25 POS 07/30 POS 07/35 POS 12/15 POS 12/20 POS 12/25 POS 12/30 POS 12/35 POS 18/15 POS 18/20 POS 18/25 POS 18/30 POS 18/35 POS 28/15 POS 28/20 POS 28/25 POS 28/30 POS 28/35 POS 39/15 POS 39/20 POS 39/25 POS 39/30 POS 39/35 POS 52/15 POS 52/20 POS 52/25 POS 52/30 POS 52/35 POS 74/15 POS 74/20 POS 74/25 POS 74/30 POS 74/35 POS 90/15 POS 90/20 POS 90/25 POS 90/30 POS 90/35 POS112/15 POS112/20 POS112/25 POS112/30 POS112/35 POS148/15 POS148/20 POS148/25 POS148/30 POS148/35

Recipient tube-filter Type: PZS

PZS 07/15 PZS 07/20 PZS 07/25 PZS 07/30 PZS 07/35 PZS 12/15 PZS 12/20 PZS 12/25 PZS 12/30 PZS 12/35 PZS 18/15 PZS 18/20 PZS 18/25 PZS 18/30 PZS 18/35 PZS 28/15 PZS 28/20 PZS 28/25 PZS 28/30 PZS 28/35 PZS 39/15 PZS 39/20 PZS 39/25 PZS 39/30 PZS 39/35 PZS 52/15 PZS 52/20 PZS 52/25 PZS 52/30 PZS 52/35 PZS 74/15 PZS 74/20 PZS 74/25 PZS 74/30 PZS 74/35 PZS 90/15 PZS 90/20 PZS 90/25 PZS 90/30 PZS 90/35

Recipient tube-filter Type: PBS

PBS07/15 PBS07/20 PBS07/25 PBS07/30 PBS07/35 PBS12/15 PBS12/20 PBS12/25 PBS12/30 PBS12/35 PBS18/15 PBS18/20 PBS18/25 PBS18/30 PBS18/35 PBS28/15 PBS28/20 PBS28/25 PBS28/30 PBS28/35 PBS39/15 PBS39/20 PBS39/25 PBS39/30 PBS39/35 PBS52/15 PBS52/20 PBS52/25 PBS52/30 PBS52/35 PBS74/15 PBS74/20 PBS74/25 PBS74/30 PBS74/35 PBS90/15 PBS90/20 PBS90/25 PBS90/30 PBS90/35 PBS112/15 PBS112/20 PBS112/25 PBS112/30 PBS112/35 PBS148/15 PBS148/20 PBS148/25 PBS148/30 PBS148/35

Poeth Recipient bag-filter / receiver

Recipient filter Type: RHD RHD110 RHD115 RHD210 RHD215 RHD315

Recipient vacuum filter Type: RHV RHV110 RHV115 RHV210 RHV215 RHV315

Poeth Spotfilter

Compact bag-filter Type: KMH / KMV

KMH(V)2/10 KMH(V)2/15 KMH(V)2/20 KMH(V)4/10 KMH(V)4/15 KMH(V)4/20 KMH(V)6/10 KMH(V)6/15 KMH(V)6/20

Compact Silo Filter Type: MUF

MUF09 MUF09R06 MUF15R06 MUF15R07 MUF27R06 MUF27R07

Poeth Cased-unit filter Type: CAC

CAC1-215 CAC1-315 CAC1-415 CAC1-515 CAC1-615 CAC1-715 CAC1-815 CAC2-215 CAC2-315 CAC2-415 CAC2-515 CAC2-615 CAC2-715 CAC2-815 CAC3-215 CAC3-315 CAC3-415 CAC3-515 CAC3-615 CAC3-715 CAC3-815

Poeth Compact-unit filter Filter-Unit with fan Type: FCAF


Poeth Insertable filter

Insertable filter Type: AAE / BAE / CAE

AAE103 AAE104 BAE104 AAE105 AAE106 BAE106 CAE107 BAE108 BAE204 BAE109 CAE110 BAE206 CAE112 BAE304 CAE207 CAE115 BAE208 BAE404 BAE209 BAE306 CAE210 CAE307 BAE308 BAE406 CAE212 BAE309 CAE407 BAE408 CAE310 CAE215 BAE409 CAE312 CAE410 CAE315 CAE412 CAE415

Insertable filter with fan Type: AAF / BAF / CAF

AAF103 AAF104 BAF104 AAF105 AAF106 BAF106 CAF107 BAF108 BAF204 BAF109 CAF110 CAF112 CAF207 CAF115 BAF208 BAF209 BAF306 CAF210 CAF307 BAF308 BAF406 CAF212 BAF309 CAF407 BAF408 CAF310 CAF215 BAF409 CAF312 CAF410 CAF315 CAF412 CAF415

Vacuum filter Type: CAV

C-CAV107 C-CAV110 C-CAV112 C-CAV115 C-CAV207 C-CAV210 C-CAV212 C-CAV215 C-CAV312 C-CAV315

Poeth Pneumatic conveying